The Tourister Cosmo is the latest school bus from Mahindra that puts safety before all else. In addition to numerous safety features built into the vehicle to safeguard passengers and pedestrians, the Tourister Cosmo comes equipped the advanced CRDe engine which gives better pick-up and better fuel combustion leading to higher mileage and lesser harmful emissions.

The one truck guaranteed to give you the best mileage out of your fuel. A guarantee so rock solid that you can return the BLAZO truck if your current truck does better mileage. BLAZO is the new range of trucks that let you choose between unlimited power and superior mileage at the flick of a switch. Which makes it the first smart truck on the market.

Large cargo deck. Wider radial tyres with higher load carrying capability. Improved LSPV braking system for better safety. Large 25.4 wheel brake cylinder for efficient braking. Stronger rear leaf spring suspension for carrying heavier cargo

spare parts

Each and every part of your vehicle has been designed and developed to ensure you get the greatest performance. Ensure that you purchase genuine spare parts to retain that performance.

after sales services

IDEAL Motors aims to set a new benchmark in the industry with its after sales services by going out of it’s way to assist in the customer with any vehicle related issues after sales.


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Ideal Motors

IDEAL Motors (Pvt) Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary company of the IDEAL Group which has core business interests in Motor Franchise Imports and Motor Spare Parts in Sri Lanka. Since November 2009, IDEAL Motors has been the Sole Authorized Distributor for Mahindra Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra Company Ltd.