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Find Your Mahindra

Available Models

Big Bolero Pick Up
Bolero Pickup 4WD


Double Cabs
Mahindra Pick Up
Introducing Soon
Pick-Ups Light Truck
Bolero Maxi Truck Plus
Bolero Maxi Truck Plus (With AC)
Bolero Maxi Truck Plus (Special Edition)
Bolero Maxi Truck Plus Maxi Sport
Big Bolero Pick Up 2WD (1.5 Ton)
Big Bolero Pick Up 2WD (1.7 Ton)
Big Bolero Pick Up 2WD (1.7 Ton) Refrigerator Body
SUV and MPVs
Intermediate Commercial Vehicles
Loadking Optimo
Furio 14 Cab & Chassis (CBC)
Furio 14 Drop Side Deck (DSD)
Furio 14 High Side Deck (HSD)
Tourister Cosmo - 29 Seater
Tourister Cosmo - 32 Seater
Tippers (HCV)
Blazo X 25 Tipper
Blazo X 31 Tipper
Construction Vehicles (HCV)
Blaxo X 25 Transit Mixer
Blazo X 25 Boom Pump
Haulage Trucks (HCV)
Blazo X 25 Fully Built
Blazo X 25 Cab & Chassis
Prime Movers (HCV)​
Blazo X 40
Blazo X 46
Blazo X 49
Light Commercial Vehicles
Maxximo HD
Three Wheelers
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